Underage Drinking

April 1, 2008

Kids shouldn’t drink alcohol – period!

Yet, studies show that underage drinking is an alarming problem throughout the United States and even here in Utah. A fourth of Utah eighth graders have sampled alcohol. Even sixth graders, according recent surveys, are drinking.

Across Utah beginning this month and into May a series of town hall meetings are being held to alert parents to the problem and to involve them in curbing underage drinking. It is part of a national campaign that augments a local effort begun in 2006 when the Utah legislature funded ParentsEmpowered.org.

Perhaps you’ve seen or heard the Utah-produced public service messages such as the elephant in the room. The message is clear. Far too many parents are oblivious to the fact their children are experimenting with alcohol. It is time to wake-up and realize what’s going on.

Underage drinking is a leading public health problem. According to the U.S. Surgeon General, “Alcohol use threatens the safe and healthy development of more young people than any other substance – even more than tobacco and illicit drugs.

KSL encourages parents across the state to attend the scheduled Town Hall Meeting in your area. Involved parents can make a difference in preventing children from indulging in this risky and unhealthy behavior.