ParentsEmpowered on KSL Studio Five

July 9, 2009 and the Utah Chapter of Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) join forces to educate parents on the dangers of underage drinking and provide proven prevention skills.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving is an official partner of These organizations aim to spread a prevention message to parents and community members about the dangers of underage drinking and what can be done to prevent it. These organizations believe that the elimination of underage drinking can be accomplished when a complete community mobilization is created to fight the growing problem of underage drinking. ParentsEmpowered and MADD invite all parents and community leaders to use the new interactive online resource to help eliminate underage drinking.

The new website is rich with parental skills and harmful risk assessment guidelines. The site’s objective is to provide parents with the necessary tools to prevent underage drinking in their homes and their communities. It aims to provide the necessary information for parents to talk with their teens about new research concerning potential damage caused by drinking underage.

New features on the new ParentsEmpowered website:

  1. A monthly feature article specific to Utah parents, providing research-based prevention advice for parents and community leaders on what can be done to prevent underage alcohol use.
  2. A specific list of the harms caused by drinking underage, new research findings and current studies covering the brain science of alcohol effects.
  3. The parental skills necessary to eliminate underage drinking.
  4. Downloads of brochures, fact sheets, and teaching tips, all the necessary information, in easy-to-download format, for parents and community groups to help eliminate underage drinking.
  5. Upcoming events and current prevention news, including the surgeon general’s call to action to prevent and reduce underage drinking.
  6. Text messaging for parents to stay in touch with their kids. A ready way to communicate with your child while sitting at your desk that is accessible directly from the site. Research shows that just keeping in contact with your child is a powerful deterrent to drinking.
  7. An open discussion panel for parents. Parents’ Panel gives parents an avenue to ask questions of other parents and prevention specialists about underage drinking prevention. “What should I do if my child is…?”
  8. Prevention recommendations for case-by-case warning signs. An online calculator helps parents identify the underage drinking warning signs their children exhibit and provides parents with research based prevention or elimination recommendations.
  9. Complete list and videos of community organizations that have a similar goal in eliminating underage drinking. is a community campaign that all community entities can join to help eliminate underage drinking. is a statewide campaign focused on eliminating underage drinking in Utah. Its primary goals are to educate parents about the dangers of underage drinking and provide them with proven skills to communicate with their children about remaining alcohol-free.