ParentsEmpowered Awarded 2009 Governor’s Award

December 15, 2009

Presentation of 2009 USAAV Governor’s Awards
Each year, the USAAV Council honors individuals, organizations and programs that have made outstanding contributions to Utah’s efforts to eliminate substance abuse and violence. Recipients of the Council’s 2009 Annual Governor’s Awards are: Dr. Karen Buchi, Teri Pectol, the Utah Indian Health Advisory Board,, and the Eliminating Alcohol Sales to Youth (E.A.S.Y.) Program
Dr. Gary Jorgensen
Ron Gordon
Special Presentation
Special Recognition
Colonel Daniel Fuhr
Utah Highway Patrol
Ron Gordon
Mary Lou Emerson
Approval of October 27, 2009 Meeting Minutes
Dr. Gary Jorgensen
DORA Annual Report to the Legislature
S.B. 202 – Drug Offender Reform Act Amendments (2009 General Session) states the USAAV “Council shall monitor the progress and evaluation of the act and shall provide a written report on the implementation, impact, and results of the act to the [Legislature] annually on or before November 1.”
Dr. Christine Mitchell

DSAMH Justice Services Plan
Brent Kelsey
Committee Reports