MADD and Robert J. Debry and Associates: Underage Drinking

February 7, 2007

Last year a shocking report brought new meaning to the term “underage drinking” A study from the University of Pittsburgh revealed kids as young at 9 and 10 are drinking alcohol. You may think … not my child. But in Utah 86,000 kids under 17 say they’ve tried alcohol. Many parents have no clue.
Mothers Against Drunk Driving President Art Brown and Robert DeBry of Robert J. DeBry & Associates join forces to let parents know what they can do to help their children.
From Art Brown with MADD:

Parents are the most powerful influence in their children’s lives. As a parent, here are some ideas on what you can do:

  1. Be informed on the damaging effects of alcohol on developing teen brains. Alcohol affects memory, judgment, reasing and may result inr eduction of intellectual capacity. Also be aware that the younger a child starts drinking, the higher probablility of being addicted. In Utah binge drinking starts in 6th grade.
  2. Bond with your child. Stay close to your children
  3. Boundaries. Be sure to set clear rules. In terms of alcohol, no use until 21
  4. Monitor. Make sure that your child is in an alcohol free social environment.

One great thing a parent can do is eat dinner 5-7 times a week. That’s keeps the lines of communication open.

Robert J. DeBry & Associates hopes to help in the fight against drunk driving and teens.

  1. DeBry hates drunk driving.
  2. DeBry wants to help curb drunk driving and there is no better partner than MADD
  3. DeBry is doing community events, like the KSL Family Fair, to help MADD get their message out.
  4. DeBry is giving $500 for every drunk driving case they settle to Utah’s chapter of MADD.
  5. DeBry’s will lhave public service announcemtns in the near furture with MADD to help spread their message.
  6. Stop drunk driving before it starts … and best by a young age. But if you are going to drink, don’t drive and plan for a safe way home.